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Indigo Blue


[Products name]: Indigo Blue

[ Molecular Formula ] : C16H10N2O2


[ Colour Index ] : C.I. Vat Blue 1

[Cas No]. 482-89-3

[ Composion ] : Phenylethane acid potassium salt reacts to amino sodium through alkali fusion, and then oxidized.

[Appearance]: Dark blue even Granular and Powder

[Strength]:94% 97%

[Shade]: To the similar standard of the factory

[Moisture%]:0.45 Max

[Particle size(-60 mesh)% ]: 95

[Fe3+]:200ppm Max

[Properties]:It is insoluble in water and alcohol.It is soluble in hot Aniline.

[ Use ] : For dyeing on cotton fabrics and Jeans and making up indigo bromide. or made into organic pigment ,moreover, be used to make 5.5’-7.7’-tetraroma indigo, biochemical medicament and indicator

[Packages]25KG Plastic-Woven Bag with double polyester liner 20KG Carton with double polyester liner   20KG/15KG Iron Drum with double polyester liner

[Storage & Transportation]: The product must be stored in shade, dry & well-ventilated warehouse. Avoid to be contacted with oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package.

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