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Shijiazhuang Hien Dye CHEM CO., Ass LTD e prestigiéist Händler vun Qualitéit Dyestuffs a Faarfstoffer Intermediates an China. Gegrënnt an 2008 ...

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Chinacoat‘s 23rd edition is scheduled to take place from December 4 to 6, 2018 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. The planned total gross exhibition area will be over 80,000 square metres.

9 Chinese killed and 28 injured in Pakistan bus blast

Nine Chinese workers were among 13 people killed on Wednesday when a blast on a bus sent it careering down a ravine in north-western Pakistan.   The bus was carrying Chinese engineers, surveyors and mechanical staff to the Dasudam site in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which is under construction. ...

Mega container ship collided with Panamax bulker in Malacca Strait, both damaged

Mega container ship ZEPHYR LUMOS collided with Panamax bulk carrier GALAPAGOS at 2050 LT (UTC +8) Jul 10 in Malacca Strait off Melaka, Malaysia, halfway between Singapore and Port Dickson. Both ships were proceeding in western direction. Why did they collide, is yet unclear. ZEPHYR LUMOS struck G...

Shipping industry is super crazy. Crazy price. Crazy to buy new container ships.

Continue to rise! On July 15th and August 1st, ocean shipping prices ushered in another two rounds of jumps! GRI has risen 15 times this year! According to data from Sea-Intelligence, du...