Maersk issued a statement on its official website on January 5, stating that the current situation in the Red Sea region remains highly tense and full of uncertainty, and security risks continue to increase significantly. As a result, Maersk has decided that for the foreseeable future, all Maersk vessels transiting the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden will move south around the Cape of Good Hope.

The rerouting means ships have to go around southern Africa, which could add about 10 days to shipping time and require more fuel, resulting in higher shipping costs. According to statistics, the total number of Maersk ships diverted this time will exceed 170.

However, some shipping companies adopt different strategies. France’s CMA CGM said it will continue to send ships through the Red Sea and Suez Canal and gradually increase the number of ships returning to the Suez Canal and Red Sea routes.

With vessel detours causing delays of 2-3 weeks, the capacity shortage crisis will become increasingly acute in the coming weeks. Combined with the shipping peak before the Lunar New Year, there will be a serious shortage of shipping space.

MAERSK operation

Post time: Jan-09-2024